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Heidi Lee

Heidi Lee moved to South Orange in 2015 with her husband and their daughter.  Since graduating from Boston College, she has worked for various Financial institutions in NYC and London, including Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and JP Morgan. 

Heidi has been an active volunteer for numerous organizations, including TutorMate and Harlem Children’s Zone and has served on the Family Council for New York Cares.  During the pandemic, she has also enjoyed being able to spend many hours as a lunch volunteer for her daughter’s school, while working from home.

Wherever she’s lived, one of the first places that she’s sought out is the local library.  She believes that the library can be the heart of a community and where people of all backgrounds can gather to learn and share information. She is looking forward to working with the Foundation to help build an even better library, serving all.

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