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Judith Chelius Stark, Ph.D. 


Judith Chelius Stark, Ph.D.  is a professor of philosophy and environmental studies at Seton Hall University where she has taught for over thirty years.  She has published two scholarly books and many articles in her fields of Augustine’s thought, women and gender studies, and environmental philosophy.  Her work as an educator and administrator includes helping to create and then direct the Environmental Studies Program, as well as functioning for ten years as director of the University Honors Program.  She has been granted a number of awards and honors, including the McQuaid Medal for outstanding university service (2013), the Albert Hakim Faculty Service medal (2010), the Award for Citizen Activism from the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy (2008) and Seton Hall University Woman of the Year (1998).

Dr. Stark grew up in Bayonne, N.J. and then attended St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada (Honours B.A. 1967).  She earned a Master’s in philosophy from Marquette University (1970) and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research (1979) where she studied with the eminent political philosopher Professor Hannah Arendt.  Dr. Stark’s current research focuses on virtue ethics and global climate change.

She has lived in South Orange since 1995.  She is an avid hiker, birder, and sea kayaker.

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