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The Library

Of The Future

Big Changes Ahead for the South Orange Public Library 

The vision of a 21st century library for South Orange is on its way to becoming reality. With a $6.5 million grant from the State, a matching commitment from the Village, and a plan to raise further support from the community, the South Orange Public Library will expand and retool to serve the diverse, evolving needs of our community.  
The Building Connections Project includes renovation of our current library, rehabilitation of the historic Connett library building, and construction of a link connecting the two buildings. The expansion and re-design will yield significant gains in accessibility, aesthetics, scope of services, technology, overall user experience, sustainability, and capacity.
The library will nearly double in size, to 30,700 square feet. It will feature an expanded children’s room, a teen section, multiple small study and meeting rooms, a space for archives and historical collections, and so much more. 

Award-winning New York-based architect Andrew Berman is designing the Buildings Connections Project.  Recent exterior work on the Connett Building was funded by the State of NJ Historic Trust and the Village. 
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