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Melissa Kopecky

Director South Orange Public Library


Librarianship is not Melissa Kopecky’s first profession but is her very favorite.  MK has master’s degrees in both library science and public administration and was appointed director of South Orange Public Library in 2004.  She finds that the opportunity to work within such a stimulating, diverse and socially concerned community - with a splendid staff -  heartening.  She welcomes the opportunities to engage in long-term planning, to help ensure that the library remains continually responsive to the needs of the community, to build partnerships and to establish the library as an increasingly essential tool for information and community partnerships, as well as for spaces and occasions for conversations and coming together.

By always keeping an eye out for community interests, and unmet needs the library has crafted special collections and one-time and long-term programming as well as planning for the future through programming and a commitment to the vision of a library building that spans three centuries.

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