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Kevin O'Connell


Kevin O’Connell has lived in South Orange since 1993 with his wife Lyn Aleksandrowicz and their two children, Magdalena and Declan.


As a self-taught mural artist and entrepreneur, he has painted his way from Milwaukee to New York and New Jersey. O’Connell is a key influencer in the visual language of South Orange, and continues to decorate walls and create distinctive signage for local and international businesses.


For many years, while his children moved through the SOMS system and since,

O’Connell has inspired student artists through set decoration and painting for musical productions at South Mountain Elementary, South Orange Middle School, and Columbia High School.


O’Connell’s many passions include public art, cogent attractive way-finding, wordplay and picture books. His self-published and illustrated book “Abecedarium Automobilium” has achieved international success.


A lifetime avid reader and serial learner, O’Connell continues to be curious.

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