Allie Wesson


Allie joined the South Orange community in 2019. She serves as Chief Development and Communications Officer for JASA, New York City's largest nonprofit serving older adults. She also served as Deputy Executive Director of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, where she led fundraising efforts for 15 years. A graduate of Cornell University and Washington University School of Law, Allie enjoys raising money and awareness for causes close to her heart. 


Allie serves on the Foundation Board as well as the Friends of the South Orange Public Library. Her love for books is a constant and always inspires new ideas (reading Shogun at age 13 prompted her to learn Japanese), and she built four libraries in various shelters while living in St. Louis. Allie and her husband Dave, a local preschool teacher, have two children in the district who love going to the library to see what new manga are available.